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Welcome to the page dedicated to my first solo album “Kate & me “

I began music again in January 2019 after a few health issues resulting in a rather difficult period for me. I first settled into a comfort zone by listening and sampling artists that I liked.

Ahead of me lay a long path of technical and artistic apprenticeship, and this I wanted to do in the company of great artists.

I have been producing music for almost 30 years but being deprived of my hands and the rest of my body, I have had to relearn everything, this time with my eyes only.So I started out with Kate Bush whom I greatly admire.

I must say that while rediscovering her discography I could finally assess the scale of her works which is quite simply indescribable.

To me she is the greatest artist of these last 40 years.

I wanted to do something, an album or whatever, but I wanted it to be coherent, to have an axis (?). Given that I already had thirty or more productions with Kate Bush samples, the idea started to take form. The project was even more obvious after I learnt that she was the first ever artist to use sampling methods.

I also decided to mix this album which is quite a new concept to me. Having learnt from the best it was now my turn. I must say that I really enjoyed doing this and for once I am quite pleased with the result.

The pleasure of the creative process has always represented a major part of the satisfaction from projects in which I have participated. I do not care what people think or even if it sells or not.

Of course I will be pleased if someone says that they really got into it, but that is not my aim and in a second I will have moved on.

Today I have a second motivation as important as the rest, and that is proving to people who suffer from great physical difficulties that everything is possible.

It is an immense privilege to be able to give a little hope there where there is none. I would so much have wanted this when I found myself trapped in this SLA hurricane.This is probably the first ever album to be entirely composed, made and mixed with eyes only, it could be nothing more than free.

As far as Kate goes, if ever she listens to this, I hope that she will not be too cross with me for deforming her voice and taking liberties with her works. In the end I only hope that it will amuse her.

Good listening ! PONE

Producer Pone
Mixed by Pone au studio JUSTE POUR VOS YEUX
Masterised by Doc Jazz at Fresh Blunt studio



To listen my new album “Kate & me” on Spotify, Deezer, Apple music etc, link to : https://www.fanlink.to/Pone